August Gardening

AUGUST GARDENING DIARY!*** Thanks to the admin – just flicking it here 🙂

POTATOES!! – August is the month to get your Christmas potatoes sprouting and ready for planting. Sprout now and plant towards the end of the month. If you are like us, you will use loads of them so set aside plenty or area, and use a different location to last year. –
-You can put your winter supply crop in later in the year (November here last year) to get you through the winter.
-Our families personal favourite is Agri – Yellow tinged flesh with a creamy texture and good for EVERYTHING
-Allow 3 months from planting to harvesting
– Check out his link which includes ‘No dig planting’ and save yourself some work, and harvest clean potatoes!!

ONIONS!! – It’s time to start raising your onions indoors, or in a nice warm spot to get ready to plant them out into the garden in 4-6 weeks. My brown onions last year were great, my red never really formed bulbs and this year I have brought a seed packet of Large White ones to help me out come pickling time! (Good thinking ahead huh )
– They take aaaages until harvest (Think 180-240 days) but don’t let that put you off. They store well and are exciting to dig up
– Check out here for more info

GARLIC!! – I hope that you heeded my advice last month and have your garlic just poking through the soil, but if not – don’t fear! You still have time! I planted mid-September last year and still got a great crop, though hopeing for even bigger this year!

Other crops you can get away with to start raising are spinach, cabbage, snow peas, and even the humble radishes can go straight in the ground now.

So I don’t want to hear any excuses Pop down to your local gardening shop and think of how much this pre-planning will save you over the upcoming months. Its also a fantastic way to get outside, get some fresh air and get ya hands dirty!!



Rural Broadband

This is copied and pasted from the Farming Mums NZ facebook groups – so if you’re a rural lady head along that way and click the links to complete the survey!

Hey Farming Mums – rural broadband is such a hot topic and after discussions today I have had a pointed conversation with some key contacts in the rural broadband market to say ‘Guys, this is not good enough, what are you going to do to get this sorted!’

As you know people listen to factual statistics and to help we need to give them some material to work with to fix the problem.

So if you are frustrated help direct it with answering three questions in this survey I have quickly made up so I have ‘amo’ to help crusade this. I have an invested interest in this issue & am passionate about it!

The objective of this survey is to get the players in the rural broadband market to appreciate the size of the problem whether it is because you simply can’t get broadband or if its an education problem to what options are available.

With the address information, our industry contacts will access the internal Chorus database & also have access to the cell tower rollout and the small local operators in your areas availability information to check what you can get now & what you maybe able to get in the next 6-12 months – or even clever ways to get it that isn’t on a ‘plan’!!

I have been told with 100 address points and the statistics from this we can get from this short survey, we can make some headway with the right people.

Garlic Garden

~Gardening Diary~

GARLIC!!! It’s a #1 staple in this household, and I’m sure it is in a lot of yours. NOW is the time to plant it!

Pick up some seed bulbs from Mitre 10, The Warehouse or replant what you grew last year. This year I didn’t want to sacrifice my brilliant strong crop from last year so brought 4 bulbs for $5.99 from Mitre 10 (Could probably find cheaper elsewhere) on the weekend. These broke up into 45 single cloves and I’m expecting 45 voluptuous bulbs back in summer

(Typically plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest… ish)

garlic one

garlic twogarlic two

In Print

It’s always great to see NZ farms in print and celebrated …. Big ups to the Wyeth family from the Wairarapa for a spread in the MINDFOOD August Food Special ….

Photos to follow once the tech stuff is sorted 🙂 But, if you want to buy a magazine to relax with before the craziness of calving and lambing starts – this looks like a good one.

Happy Farming Sunday

Over in the UK (tomorrow) they are having Open Farm Sunday.  This looks like a really interesting concept … wonder it would work in NZ?


From what I can gather, it is when the farm is open and the townies get to toddle along and see how the farm works, pat the animals, have a cuppa and check out the crops.  Does sound like a bit of an OSH issue if they were going to be in and around the farm – not sure what the regulations are around things over there – but certain here there are rules about people in and around the farm site.


Thought for you … how do we promote our farming lifestyle and help people understand.  There are some amazing things happening in our area (Wairarapa) with a local farm partnering with a semi-rural school for pets day – and it’s things like this that really promote farming and bring the positives into the limelight.  Let me know (so I can give you a virtual high-five on here) if you want to share what you and your community are doing to help promote the farming lifestyle in NZ.




FMNZ Conference 2015!

FMNZ Conference 2015!

Our first annual Farming Mums NZ Conference date and location has been set!

This will be held on the 25th and 26th of June 2015, in Methven.

Two days of fun packed learning, and just for those of you who keep updated on here, I will reveal that first stop is a Christchurch vineyard after bus pick up from the airport! A glass of wine (or 2) with a gourmet lunch before heading down to Methven to start the evenings fun!

We have a conference capacity of 220 women, so don’t miss out! Registration forms to come.

Stay updated here at

Will update you more as details come to hand!

Enjoy your short week ladies! 🙂