Happy Farming Sunday

Over in the UK (tomorrow) they are having Open Farm Sunday.  This looks like a really interesting concept … wonder it would work in NZ?


From what I can gather, it is when the farm is open and the townies get to toddle along and see how the farm works, pat the animals, have a cuppa and check out the crops.  Does sound like a bit of an OSH issue if they were going to be in and around the farm – not sure what the regulations are around things over there – but certain here there are rules about people in and around the farm site.


Thought for you … how do we promote our farming lifestyle and help people understand.  There are some amazing things happening in our area (Wairarapa) with a local farm partnering with a semi-rural school for pets day – and it’s things like this that really promote farming and bring the positives into the limelight.  Let me know (so I can give you a virtual high-five on here) if you want to share what you and your community are doing to help promote the farming lifestyle in NZ.





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