Talk it up Tuesday

If you are in the Ashburton region … you are going to want to check this out!


What helped your decision to go into a business?

Having hosted several kiddies birthday parties myself, I know how important it is to keep the wee ones entertained (and their sticky little fingers outside, away from the white walls and expensive furniture)…always trying to dream up new ideas. It was whilst sitting on the couch one Sunday evening planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party when I had a brainwave…why not hire a bouncy castle!? Kids love playing, running and bouncing, and they certainly have the energy for a lot of it! No one locally hired them out so I looked further afield, but because we live rurally travel costs would be considerably higher. I decided it would be better to buy one which I could use whenever I wanted, and by hiring it out I’d soon get my money back. Ashburton’s population is growing rapidly and I saw this as a great opportunity to start a small business, and at the same time assist fellow parents/caregivers by keeping the little ones on their toes (as much as they do us!). It was then that ABC Bounce was ‘born’!


What is the main focus of your business?

Living rurally has many advantages, but also the disadvantage of ‘too far out of town’ for hosting parties at the park, fast food parties where there is a play land for the kids…now the fun comes to you no matter where you live! It takes the pressure off the hosts and gives them one less thing to worry about. What do you enjoy most about your business? I am a Mum of two beautiful girls. Seeing them smile, laugh and enjoy themselves at birthday parties or any other special occasion is priceless! I work part time and believe spending time with your children is paramount. It also creates precious memories for them and everyone around them.


How do you overcome struggles within your business?

I didn’t factor in the other expenses – logo design, business cards, 0800 number, website, limited liability insurance, car magnets for advertising and a footpath sign to display rules. I have to work on getting more bookings to help pay for these costs. I underestimated the amount of time it would take to set up and pack up, also the weight and awkward shape of the bouncy castle makes it difficult to handle on my own. Luckily my husband has been around most of the time and will assist with setting up and packing up. There has been the odd occasion where he has been away so I have to ask someone to assist me.


If you could give advice to a fellow Farming mum in New Zealand (who wants to start up something herself) what would it be?

…. Do your research. Believe in yourself or no one else will. Go for it – if you don’t try it you’ll never know!

Check out ABC Bounce here on FBImage

Thanks for sharing with us! 


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