Last day!

ImageLast day of the school holidays for some of us … if you are really short of inspiration – or not tucked up duck shooting somewhere … here are a few ideas.

At Home Fun

  • Rent an animal movie. Babe, Chicken Little and Barnyard are a few that spring to mind, or have a look at your video store for old classics like Lassie and Black Beauty.
  • Make an animal poster for your child’s room. Buy a large piece of poster card, and make a great animal mural by cutting out animal pictures from magazines and pasting them on. Your child could also add their own special touches with paints and crayons.
  • Create a giant farmyard in your lounge. Paint up old cereal boxes to make farm buildings like hay barns and milking sheds, and create fences by tying string between chair legs and coffee tables. Buy a bag of plastic animals from an emporium type store, and let the farm fun begin.
  • Do some animal arts and crafts. You could make animal cards, soft toys, and puppets, or make a great animal mobile. Simply glue some animals onto some heavy card, decorate them up, and then hang each animal shape from a coat hanger using a piece of string.
  • (

OR you could be like us today, and be autumn cleaning/sorting and finding the school bags and book bags and that library book that you wrote a note for last term.

Have an amazing day everyone …


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