Welcome Home

After a post yesterday that resonated with may off us – I thought I would share it a bit wider than just our Facebook community.  Many thanks to the Dairy Womens NetWork NZ for the idea.

With Gypsy day fast coming up … here is an idea to help your new workers/neighbours/employers feel at home, loved and appreciated.

The idea is giving them some sort of gift basket … ideas of things to put in it:

  • map of area
  • map of farm
  • list of local numbers (doctors office, dentist, school, playgroup, rugby club)
  • Milk/coffee/milo/tea/sugar/bikkie packet + mugs
  • Quickest route to town map
  • Baking
  • Dinner pack for first night (reheatable somehow)
  • Council rubbish bags
  • Smoke alarms + batteries
  • Beanies/sunhats
  • Loo paper (roll or two)
  • Small toy for kids (matchbox car/tractor)
  • Cleaning products


Enjoy … hope this helps some!!




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