Mother’s Day Giveaway!


With mothers day coming up soon – we here at FMNZ would love to spoil some people …

We realize that as women, whether we are mum’s or not, there is always another female  someone (whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, bff, boss’s wife, suppliers partner, tanker driver, vet, kids teacher) who is important in our lives as well.

The idea is that we will create an amazing gift pack through donations from FMNZ small business and anyone else (if you want to donate cash towards a prezzy card please PM admin via FMNZ Facebook page).

The nitty gritty important stuff:

You need to  be a member of FMNZ FB page

You need to comment under this post on this blog (somehow ensure we know who you are) who you’ would share your gift basket with (we’re all about sharing)  and why (share the warm fuzzies with us).

Winner will be drawn evening of the 1st of May, posted on this blog and on FMNZ Facebook page – contact to be made via private message from FMNZ facebook page.

If we cannot contact the winner or have no response within 24hrs another winner will be chosen

Gift pack will be posted via NZ post, all going well in time for mothers day

You need to be able to email us a picture of you with the gift basket once received that will be used on facebook/webpage.

Winner will be chosen via a random generator to keep it fair (screen shot posted). 

The aim and main idea is just to spoil someone rotten, pay it forward and SHARE the love!

I aim to do updates weekly on what will be inside the gift basket …. but chocolate is featuring already and a mini-tote bag for all your little things, a handmade card and a voucher towards some personalized art-work!  If you want to donate, please PM me (Anneke) via the FMNZ page.





30 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway!

    • Hi,I would love to win this n share with my younger sister she’s a solo mum and I’m married and dairy farming also would share with my good friend don’t see much of each other so would be good to be able to give a little and share a little 🙂 Tina shearer

  1. I’ll be first 🙂
    If I won, I would share this special gift with my good friend Kelly. She is an amazing mum of 3 and although she suffers with serious health issues, she always thinks of everyone else. I have never known anyone to appreciate others as much as her & I would love to be able to do something to make her feel appreciated too. – Emma Hopson

  2. Excellent idea 🙂 xx good luck beautiful mums/ladies x I would share with my good friend Katherine because she’s just simply amazing!

  3. Phew at least I am not the first to enter – but what an amazing gift. I would share with two special ladies in my life
    1. My mother who deserves something just for her – she has been nursing my father for the past three years following an accident and thee massive back operations, she cooks for the elderly at her local church and in surprise visits to my house (while I am out on the farm) she cleans, fills the freezer with meals and baking.

    2. I have a very special friend who I consider a sister and also deserves something just for her – she is a busy mum of 5 beautiful children, she studies, helps with her husbands business and next term is going back to work full time. She is always there doing something for others, encouraging them in their own personal development and their faith – she is just amazing.

  4. I would share it with my Mother in law. I wouldn’t be farming without her continued support. What a wonderful gift to share.

  5. I would share it with my BFF (Brenda) who is always there for me, whether it is to help juggle life and the kids or to hold my hand if I’ve had one too many tequillas 🙂

  6. I would Share with my BFF (jen) as she has always been there for me during the really bad times (including a taking me on holiday to Australia) and now that she is having a really bad time herself she deserves something nice 🙂

  7. Heya, i would share this with a friend of mine, kim. She isalways there to ask questions to (1st time mum) & has amazingly sensible advice. Shes offered me so much greatly appreciated support so far, it’s made such a positive difference to my son and i (solo mum too)

  8. I would like to give it to my friend Natalie, who has been going through a real rough patch lately. I want her to remeber how great she is and what a great mum she is to her little girl.

  9. Howdy, I would share with my wonderful mum. She lives with us in her own granny flat and is always available to me and kids should we need her. For the first time in 11 years my hubby and I have a babysitter and it’s completely amazing being able to go out at night by ourselves lol. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone xx

  10. I would love to enter and share this with my mum. I never knew how much my mum loved me until becoming a mum myself. I appreciate all her advice and help 🙂

  11. If I won, I would share this with my mother in law. Diane and her husband put in lots of years of hard slog and love to be able to pass the family farm on (sold) to my husband, in a fantastic community to which they have also contributed greatly. Every day I reap the rewards of this lady’s efforts, both in the past and now as she happily (apparently) takes care of my 2 children so I can run errands unsupervised in town. Much love

  12. I would share with my good friend and neighbour who is moving away shortly. They have a newborn baby currently, but in the last three years through some very rough times she has been an absolute rock!!!

  13. If i was to was to win this i would share it with my ma as she allways comes and helps out with the kids when i need her most. Good luck peoples

  14. If i won this id share with a friend of mine that is one of a kind lol. I may have only known Her for 2 years, its like ive known her for yes. She is alway there when u need someone to talk to. She is a hard worker. Never gets time to herself. Something special like this would just make her day.

  15. I would share with my best friend who is more like a sister, she has been there for me through very tough times and has helped me so much in my first few months as a mummy and I’d love to keep showing my appreciation and let her know how amazing she is

  16. Thanks for organising this splendid idea. I would share with both my sisters and my mum who have been so supportive of me during some very recent rough patches that are not yet fixed but they are so supportive. I’m due to have my second bubba on 1 May, my sister has had her 3rd only 9 days ago and my other sister is due in 2 months. Mum has 5 of us and is a real trooper. We would all benefit from some spoiling!

  17. I would share with a lady I have just meet about 4 weeks ago (Suzanne) who is having a really hard time with her 2nd baby. Lack of sleep, lip tie, not latching you name it. I have been providing breast milk for her wee man to help her out but would love to give her something for herself. She really deserves a lovely treat.

  18. I would share this with a recent lady I have met through my due April mums group. She is one amazing woman who always puts her 3 kids first and has been on a really rough roller coaster with her baby since she went into labour. She totally deserves something like this and I think it would really make her year 🙂

  19. I would share this with my Mum, who is just amazing! She has supported us through so much including the births/ hospital stays with both our premature babies. We couldn’t have done it without her! 🙂

  20. I would share with my best friend Rose. She is always there whenever for whatever. She is a one in a million. She is also a farming mum herself with 2 wee ones but always finds the time for our family whether it be baking, collecting mail, getting bits from town if she is going, babysitting, going for a walk and having a good chin wag over a coffee.

  21. I would share this with my beautiful mum! For as long as I can remember she was always embarrassed to smile or be in photos because of her weight and teeth! In the last year she has lost 15kg and has had her teeth done! She has been smoke free for the past 5 years and is the most amazing Gramy to my girls! She is truly a down to earth kiwi mum!

  22. I would love to share this amazing prize with my beautiful mum. She has had a rough time lately and with our money being tight I haven’t been able to buy her a birthday or Mother’s day present or take the 6 hour trip to see her. Thank you ladies for doing these amazing things for us 🙂

  23. I would share this with my beautiful mum who never stops giving. She is the best, and deserves to be spoilt..and would also share with my best friend who is a busy mum but never fails to find the time to “be there” for a friend in need.

  24. I would share this with my mum, who has just had her 80th birthday and is amazingly strong and courageous. She is always there, and doesn’t judge. Since having my own kids I have a much greater understanding of how hard it was for her when we were little and growing up!

  25. I would share this with my sister (and Dad). We lost Mum last year and it has been a tough few months and I have really leaned on them both. I miss my Mum so so much and would share it with her if I could.

  26. I would share this with a friend who has always been there with the offer of a child minding or an open home every time i head to town, she has come to visit every time we move, but is going through a real tough time at the moment, and I am to far away to pop over for a cup of tea!

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