Talk it up Tuesday

Wow that rolled around fast!  Happy Tuesday ladies (and guys who are reading over the shoulder!)

This week we are please to profile :Cute Little Things – Handmade.  This is the small business of a young SAHM who is part of our FMNZ community.


What helped your decision to go into a business?

My motive for going into business was to try get a small amount of extra cash as I’m a stay at home mum with two girls and a hard working partner on a dairy farm.  Apart from  calf rearing in spring i didn’t have much else to focus on other than being a mum and partner.


What is the main focus of your business?


My main focus of business is to supply mums and babies with cute little things for their babies and young ones. Hence the name Cute Little Things


What do you enjoy most about your business?

I really enjoy making things and seeing the end product.  I can say wow i made that! It makes me feel like i can do anything.  I am not only just a mum, but can make things for others from a ‘mum’.



How do you overcome struggles within your business?

I am still in the start up time, so not real struggles yet 🙂


If you could give advice to a fellow Farming mum in New Zealand (who wants to start up something herself) what would it be ….

Don’t feel ‘stuck’ in the country.  I felt stuck and  bored and lonely for a long time, but really you can start anything and you will be so focused when you are doing something you really love you won’t have time to be bored. I’m only a young mum of 23 and I have had my ups and downs in life so far; but having found something I love and can makes just feels amazing!  I love seeing the stuff I have made on young ones!


Thanks for sharing with us!!  Check out Cute little things – Handmade on Facebook here.

Remember if you want your small business to be part of Talk it Tuesday … message via FMNZ facebook page or leave a comment here for me to contact you.


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