Talk it up Tuesday


It’s all about the ART today.  Thanks Evelyn for being so willing to share your new small business with us … if you’re looking for mother’s day art, kids room art – this looks like a great port of call! 


What helped my decision to go into a business?

      • Farming Mums NZ did. (WOW – we gave someone the courage to follow dreams!!!  How amazing ladies!!!)

        I posted a photo of an artwork I did for my son, and it was so well received. I was inspired by the feedback I got from the FMNZ community.

        What is the main focus of my business?

        To share my artwork with the masses. At the moment my pieces are aimed at children (with diggers/animals etc), but I am hoping, in time, I can graduate into a more mature demographic. Of course, my skills will need some honing.


        What I enjoy most about my business?

        The fact I can do what I love in my own home, and it’s flexible enough to be able to look after child, home, and husband without too many glitches. I have always been a very creative person, in any aspect of my life, so to be able to share this with everyone, and to make money from it, is really a huge bonus.


        How do I overcome struggles within my business?

        I am still very much learning what having a business entails, and also, what I potentially want ‘Artwork by Evelyn’ to be. I think that is my biggest struggle, is not knowing what to expect, but I am learning as I go. I have found with anything I have done in the past, it pays to experience the struggles and successes first hand to really learn and grow.


        My advice…to NEVER doubt your ability. If you think you have something worth sharing, have a go! If you believe in your product/service enough, it has the potential for great success. At least you know, if you fail, you tried your best, and at least you had a go.

        Thanks Evelyn for being so candid with us and … if you want to have a further nosy and support Evelyn find her on Facebook here.





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