Foodie Friday

Welcome to Foodie Friday (another way for me to avoid my housework 🙂 )

Today I have a couple of links for you to check out … and after seeing a very cool (and quick/easy/duhuh) idea just popped up on the FMNZ facebook page – I want to change was I was going to write about and share that as the main thing instead.

Thanks Nikki for this!

Herb oil

– Olive oil or Canola oil…I prefer the latter as olive oil can have an overpowering taste.
-4 garlic cloves
-sprigs of rosemary
-Optional -gourmet pepper corns

Just put them all in the bottle and allow to infuse for a week or so and then use to your hearts content.


This looks like a really amazing idea for a Mother’s day gift!  I am going to search the op-shops next week for a few of these type of bottles and I figure I will be able to find someone with the herbs they would love to share with me.  If you don’t have your own herbs – now might be a good time to think about indoor herb garden on the window sill.  Most larger herb pots are between $3-$5 (well, at our local anyway).  I am thinking herb oil being used to fry an amazingly juice piece of sirloin steak or a fat lamb chop.  YUM (off to defrost those chops now!).

A few cool links to check out if you’re so inclined (tried these out this week and were a huge hit with the family AND in lunchboxes cold the next day).

I have frozen a couple, and used a baked bean/rice mix with lots of cheese on top for mine.  For the actual dinner I just popped them in a Pyrex dish like open tacos.  Nomnomnom ….



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