Talk it up Tuesday

Welcome back to Talk it up Tuesday …

This week we are profiling an amazing mum who is not only a “dairy farmer born and bred” but creates amazing jewelry.


What helped your decision to go into a business?
While  being diary born and bred Leanne worked in town for 3-4 yrs but really felt farming was a calling. As we all know, we need something to help us wind down and all of us like to have a few nice things to wear when the odd occasion came to “dress up” for town – these where a couple of the starting points for Leanne.   In the midst of planning for their wedding she wanted a personal touch so decided on making the bridesmaids jewellery and the business just stemed from them.


What is the main focus of your business? She loves to be able to share the personal touch of a handmade piece and really enjoys making the special personalized pieces for people.


What do you enjoy most about your business? The part of the business Leanne loves the most is the fact the gifts are personalized.  No 2 items are the same and its nice to know that what she has created  is a special little something specifically for that person.


How do you overcome struggles within your business?  Leanne is just starting up, so for for the moment, her key focus is to create the pieces as perfectly as she can (and she does!). 


If you could give advice to a fellow Farming mum in New Zealand (who wants to start up something herself) what would it be? Love this quote from Leanne “No idea is ever too silly!”  She advises us to  “give it a try, you might not succeed but I bet there’s a smile on your face while your trying.”  She reminds us that it is nice to have a hobby that different to our day job. And she finds it most interesting when she sees “the look on peoples faces when they ask what my day job is, and they are purely puzzled; they all ask where do you find the time: truth be told some days i don’t some days i do.”

So … check out Facebook here

Thanks Leanne for being willing to share your business with us … and seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand-stamped necklaces (my DH has one and he melted into a puddle when he got it for our anniversary – never to early to plan for father’s day ladies!!) or direct the DH/partner there for a special mother’s day pressie!!




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