The Simple Things

The Simple Things

The Simple Things

Sigh…. This magazine swept me away to another land. It’s loaded with STUNNING, wistful photos and made me yearn for winter…

It is a UK magazine but ships worldwide, and as New World Ashburton had the December Issue (I noticed this when I got home) It was full of beautiful teas, snowy photos, links to warm woolly clothes, recipes for mulled wine (A personal Favourite) Pictures of fires, rustically designed, welcoming homes… Oh the beauty…

The farmer walked into the bedroom and I announced that we are going to whittle away our savings and go to the UK to walk the sculpture parks in warm boots with woollen socks, Drink a ‘Chocolate Flake tea’ by ‘Teapigs’


Sit in front of a cosy fire, surrounded by forests, squirrels.. foxes…


OK, Get it together.

Anyhow, What I am trying to say is that this magazine is visually enticing and will make you yearn for winter. It has a tasteful ‘ruralness’ to it, and if you love homes, gardens, food, drink and so much more, I would recommend this to keep you dreaming.

It was purchased for $11.99NZD/ £4.99



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