Baked Penne with Mushroom and Bacon

Baked Penne with Mushroom and Bacon

Serves 10


Salt and freshly grd Pepper

12oz Chopped Onions

8oz Dried Penne

1.5lb dry-cured streaky bacon, sliced and cut up small

1oz butter

1lb sliced chestnut mushrooms

1lb frozen whole leaf spinach, thawed and well drained


1.6ltr milk

Few black pepper corns

Couple Bay Leaves

4oz Butter

3oz Plain Flour

1tspn Dijon Mustard

2Tbsp Lemon Juice

Final Topping (Can use 8oz well flavored cheddar)

150ml Pouring Double Cream

1.5oz Grated Parmey

2oz Grated Mozzarella


* Put milk, peppercorns, bay leaves in pan.  Bring slowly to just below boiling and simmer in low oven

* Just under half fill large pan with water, add salt, bring to boil add onions and pasta.  Bring back to boil, simmer till al dente, rinse with cold water

* Spread bacon in roasting tin, cook in hot oven until crisp, drain off fat and keep.

* Melt butter in large pan add bacon fat and stir fry mushrooms.

* Make sauce.  Melt butter, add flour and cook for few mins.  Strain infused milk and add to butter/flour.  Stir till thickened to thin sauce.  Add mustard and lemon juice.  Cool.

* Stir in onion, pasta, bacon and mushroom, pour into ovenproff oblong dish approx 30X38cm.

* Melt last of butter, toss spinach in this.  Season well, put 10 piles onto dish, push down into pasta and level a bit.

* Just before cooking, season the cream, pour over dish and sprinkle with cheese.

* Cook for 30mins at 200OC till hot right through with crispy top.

* Serve with green/tomato salad, garlic bread or warm rolls.


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