No Knead Ciabatta

Easy, no knead Ciabatta!

By Chanelle O’Sullivan on Saturday, 2 November 2013 at 13:08

Easy, No knead Ciabatta!

500gm Flour

450ml Warm water

1.5tsp Yeast

2tsp Salt

1tsp sugar

A glug of olive oil

Mix all ingredients except the oil. When a sticky wet dough, pick up pieces of the dough and slap back nto the bowl to create air bubbles. Do this for up to 5 minutes. Pour over a couple Tbsp’s of olive oil. Let sit for an hour or more then pour onto a baking tray. Optional toppings – Sliced up olives, fresh rosemary and thyme, salt, mixed herbs etc 🙂 Back at 220 degrees for 30-45 mins. Bring out when lightly golden and hollow sounding when tapped. Serve along side soup, at a BBQ smothered in garlic butter or use a big slice as the base to an open steak sandwich with garlicky mushrooms and fried eggs!


Can also be made into buns for burgers or soup. Just put on a tray in handfuls and keep an eye on them cooking time-wise. Take out when lightly browned.


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